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About Custom Design and Food Intolerances.

I was here thinking, did I pay for a Costum Design on WordPress just to keep the same soft background and the same fonts for a year, until it expires and I have to go back to normal? Of course the answer was NO, SIR!

And that’s when I downloaded some apps to edit pics, found websites with gorgeous background pics and got to work. Sorry, I meant “work”. Actually getting to work would be learning all about German literature, murders, suicides and madness. And that’s why you should get ready for many many and many more continuous changes of look here on!

Yeah, I didn’t know enough ways to procrastinate, so I added this one to the list. Like it, don’t ya?

I’ll keep it short today, I’m still looking for vegan recipes with no wheat. Yes, you understood well. VEGAN and NO WHEAT.

This food intolerance thing is driving me crazy, I’m even getting aggressive. It was fine while I was at home and was organized and everything, but here in Brazil… so hard. While in Italy I find most of what I need at the supermarket, here my bf and I had to search the whole city (and guys, it’s Rio de Janeiro, not any other normal-size city) to find shops for people like me. Look at that, I’m even denigrating myself.

At least, after about ten years, my terrible daily stomach aches are magically gone, and I can live a normal life – as normal as being me allows.

Two days ago I lowered my dosage of antidepressants, and I got no bad reaction from my body. I’ll go very slow, so that I have time to get used. I’m so glad! Finally I might get rid of those pills!!! (which means I’m gonna have to update my resolutions page!)

I want all my readers with mental-health issues to read an article I’ll post asap, so please stay tuned! It’s gonna rock your world!

Namaste – the Divine in me honors the Divine in you!

p.s. I hope you don’t mind that I’m naming all my recent posts “About something”, I guess it’s a phase and it will pass.


8 thoughts on “About Custom Design and Food Intolerances.

  1. Have a great time in Brazil!! ❤ ❤ now it's my turn to be jealous, haha.

    I can totally relate to the blogging issue .. I'm self-hosted now and still haven't figured out what possibilities I have now. And I had so much trouble looking for vegan food in Montevideo that I gave up being vegan after a couple of weeks. I hope you're more successful, Rio de Janeiro is a bit bigger at least.

    I'm glad your stomach ache is gone and hope you'll have a blast over there 🙂 und viel Erfolg beim Deutsch lernen! Du schaffst das! :*

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  2. I relate so much to your post. My partner and daughter have various food intolerances between them and my own diet has changed as a result. I would say very much for the better, but it takes a while to locate all those recipes and ingredients and can limit the choice of where to eat out. We’re planning to travel next year, and at the back of my mind I’ve wondered at the difficulties of maintaining improved health through diet.
    Good luck with your changes!


    1. I love traveling, so I’ve been wondering how complicated my trips are going to be from now on… Even attending parties has become problematic, I often have to bring my own food in order to eat anything at all… Plus, vegan and gluten-free products are kind of expensive – in Italy I actually manage the situation pretty well, but here in Brazil it’s really hard… I miss bread and cheese so much!!!


      1. Yes, it is very difficult. We tend to pack a supplementary supply of staples when we go away, visit family etc. And there is the additional expense. I’m trying to find ways around that as much as possible by cooking from fresh, but it’s a challenge. Have to say though, the amount of fresh veg in the diet has increased significantly!

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  3. I have been wanting to work on my blog as well, having purchased one of those premium packages. Yeah, it includes your domain and all that, but there is much more I should be doing.

    My wife is anaphylactic with wheat, and carries 2 epi-pins with her at all times. We are constantly reading food labels, but I am trying to cut back on my wheat/gluten to see if there is any improvement with my own health.

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