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About About.

So, in this N-month long reflection about what this blog is about – and what I am about – I thought maybe editing my About page might be a start. Sure, not having found an answer to my questions yet, it wasn’t an easy start.

Anyway, today I’m having a day of awareness against procrastination, so I did it. Here’s the link to my renewed About page, go nuts.

In my crusade against procrastination, my ultimate enemy, I also… No, wait, that’s it. So let me add something to this post to make it look like I’ve really accomplished something today.

I really had the feeling I did so much stuff today…

Well, I landed safely in Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time I actually miss my little Italian town, where I had finally managed to create a shade of social life. Here I am basically studying, studying and studying. And when I’m not studying, I’m studying.

I’m also kind of proud of the tidying-up operation I carried on today. I just have to buy some hangers to put my last clothes in the wardrobe. Somehow, my boyfriend’s wardrobe contains more of my items than his, even though he lives here and I’m just visiting.

I ALMOST FORGOT. I also dyed my hair red(dish). I used natural henné, of course, and on the second attempt I actually got results. When I stand in the light, my hair gets a dark red reflection which I love.

I’m just going to add that I HATE food intolerances, but I’ll go deeper on this one in another post. ARGH!


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