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Something on Introversion.

As you might have understood by now, I hate labels. I think we are too unique to answer to definitions, have too many differences to get stuck to the common features. Labels limit us. They don’t take all our potential into account. We are not only one color. We have a thousand shapes, each.

This said, if I had to choose a couple of labels to wear around my neck, I would definitely wear the one of Introvert. At least, right now I definitely would. Maybe I wouldn’t stick to it for too long, because I am a different person every day… And yet, I believe introversion is more than just a mood. It must be one of my shades.

I like people, I find them interesting and challenging. Every person is a world to discover. I have my favorite people, and there are people I don’t particularly enjoy, but it’s always interesting to get to know someone new. Every one has something to teach me.

Nevertheless, I give my best when I’m alone. Or almost alone. Or almost my best. It’s when I’m alone with myself that my creativity sparkles, my connection to the world reaches its highest, and I can feel my soul.

When I can’t spend enough time with myself, I get tired easily, and I get melancholic. I still think most people are more interesting than I am, and yet, I need a dose of myself. And not just once in a while.

Sure, having terribly burnt my whole mouth with boiling hot tea doesn’t really make me want to engage in conversation so much.



So, what do you think?

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