Blogging · Mental health

Blog Break.

Yep, I have been away for quite a while now… And my blog hiatus is still not over.

As a part of my psychological path, confusion has taken over lately. I have experienced happiness, sadness, love, hate, euphory and depression all at once. I keep on telling myself it’s just a phase, but the truth is I have no idea of what’s happening to me.

In the last months I have got to know myself more deeply than ever before, but I still haven’t figured out what person I’m becoming. I refuse any definition – every label just sounds too limitative – but at the same time I long for one, or maybe more. I’m tired of rules, but I’m starting to think I have enstablished most of them. Did I create my own cage?

The floor of my principles is breaking under my feet. What am I going to walk on? I’m frightened, and yet, I want to be barefoot. I want to experience every feeling that passes through me. Anything I am going to walk on, I want to feel it with my bare feet. I want to get away from everything, and yet I want to live it all.

I feel broken, and yet so strong. As Hemingway said, “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in”.




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