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Guest Post: The Danger of Misdiagnosis.

This guest post was written by B.G., a good online friend of the Hurricane. She usually blogs about anxiety, and today she shares with us her experience with misdiagnosis. God knows how important a good diagnosis can be for us dealing with mental illness!  misdiagnosis  When it comes to our mental health, we all want to figure out what exactly we struggle with so that it can be fixed. Without a proper diagnosis, all we can do is wonder what’s going on with our body and mind and that only leads to more anxiety due to the uncertainty of the situation.I’ve dealt with anxiety for a long time. Anxiety has a way of sometimes manifesting itself in several different ways. Not only can anxiety affect the mind, but it can affect the body as well. When I was younger, I experienced some physical symptoms due to anxiety. At the time, I didn’t realize that it had anything to do with fear and I assumed that something was wrong physically. I’m not going to go into details for I don’t want my specific symptom at the time to become a trigger for myself or anyone who may be reading this. I’m writing this to help you, not to harm or worry you. After struggling with this symptom for a while, I spoke to my mom about going to the doctor. I went and found out that there was nothing physically wrong. However, after that I went to see someone else, (I believe she may have been a therapist of some sort, I was young and I don’t remember all the details off hand) and I was told that I had an eating disorder. One day my parents came to me and my mom told me that the person I had seen suggested that I go and live at this clinic. I wouldn’t be going to school and I immediately thought about how I wouldn’t see my friends every day and how life would be different. I cried and I was terrified to go somewhere like my mom was describing. From what I was told, I would go to the place and they would make sure I ate. I believe the thought was that the physical symptoms I felt was due to eating improperly. My mom eventually told me that she wouldn’t be sending me to the clinic. I think she realized that I didn’t have an eating disorder (I was simply underweight) and that for me to go to this clinic, would just cause me extra anxiety which really wasn’t necessary. I found out later that I really didn’t have an eating disorder or anything wrong with me physically. The reason I felt how I did was because of anxiety and because of the fact that anxiety was manifesting itself through physical symptoms. I started going to therapy and while it took a while to find a therapist I was really happy with, I discovered my real issue and from there I could find out the proper way to deal with what I was going through. What’s my point in sharing this experience? My point is just how important it is that we search for the real answers to our issues instead of just jumping to the first thing suggested to us. I honestly think that if I went and stayed at that clinic, my life would be even more difficult today. I wouldn’t have gone to school and been around my friends, I still might not know the real truth about having anxiety, and I definitely would have never been able to work through that issue. Now it’s true, I still struggle with anxiety, but that specific physical symptom has diminished and now I can work on my anxiety because I know the truth about why I don’t always feel physically secure-it’s not because anything is wrong with my physical health, it’s because my anxiety convinces me there is.

About the Author: B.G. enjoys writing fiction as well as writing about anxiety. She is the author of the blog Getting Through Anxiety and also contributes to the website theseeds4life. In addition to writing, B.G. enjoys reading, watching TV, and talking to friends and family.

If you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or any other kind of mental disorder, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Contact me in private for advice or a warm virtual hug, and seek a psychologist’s professional help! Remember, we are all in this together!


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