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What I’m Into: July 2015 Edition.

I have been in Italy for over three months now. August is the worst time to be here: All the shops are closed, nobody is in town, there is absolutely nothing to do for the few lost souls who are still here… I might as well tell you about my last month!

For this post, I’m linking up with What I’m Into by Leigh Kramer.

What I’m Reading

After reading a thousand Linguistics essays in German for uni, I have finished reading The Signature Of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert, and OH-MY-GOD! The story is breath-taking, and at the end of every sentence I had to stop and wonder how on Earth she can write so well. I would give anything to write like she does – even my right arm, it would be totally worth becoming a lefty.


I have now started Pilgrims (Elizabeth Gilbert) to work on my short story skills, and a book about Mandala which I’m loving.


What I’m Watching

I have watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel… You know how they say that sequels are never as good as the original? Well, this movie proved them wrong. (Btw, I want to get married in a dress like that!!!)

I also watched Goodbye, Lenin! It was in the list of movies to watch for my German exam, so I wasn’t expecting to like it (they always assign awful movies to watch for Linguistics purposes), but I really did!


What I’m Eating

Salads, salads, fruit salads, and loads of ice-cream!

What I’m Drinking

Water, water, water… Did I mention it’s hot here??

What I’m Writing (on the Blog)

The link up TreatYoSelf&Plan is still on, and I can’t wait for more of you to join! Each week, let’s find some time for ourselves and share it with each other!

PsychoTuesdays are still open to guest posts! If you have some experience with mental disorders and you want to share it, I will be glad to publish it on my blog! Lately, I’ve talked about Invisible Illness (here and here) and meds.

I also shared a couple of moments of grief and despair I went through.

What I’m Listening to

Even though I’m not doing a lot of yoga (shame on me), traditional Indian music is accompaning most of my days… And random playlists… THANK YOU, SPOTIFY!

What I’m Instagramming

I haven’t been very active in social media, but on my Instagram you can find some of my food and weekly treats. Yesterday, for example, I bought colors and painted all night!


If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is @italianhurricane.

From the web…

A cute Cupid’s story…

…this awesome video on how to use hairsticks (I totally love them but always forget how to use them)…

…and this load of cuteness!

What I’ve been up to

I somehow managed to take an exam at uni! I also bought my ticket for my next trip to Brazil and I have reached the minimum number of days before changing my nose piercing… What will I wear on my nose now??

Top Moments

Considering that in order to take that exam I had to throw my personal life in the pooper for some weeks… And I have also been considerably ill… My top moments would have to be my painting night and the moment I finally figured out (again) how to use a hairstick!


So, what have you been up to? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Into: July 2015 Edition.

  1. I actually watched that video before you posted it here, the one that shows the puppy with the baby. I thought it was cute but don’t love the idea of a puppy being so close to a baby like that, though I’m sure the owner/mother was watching them both.

    Anyway, I’ve been writing a lot and eating a lot of ice cream too! I discovered Breyers Vanilla Caramel Gelato (it’s amazing!). I’ve also been reading Truth or Die by James Patterson. It’s nice to see what you’re up to.


    1. That ice-cream sounds good! I’m Italian though, and as such I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to food… I only like artisanal ice-cream! 😛
      I guess you are right about the dog and the baby, but maybe if you know the dog very well… Honestly I got a bit anxious when the puppy put his head on the baby’s head, cause it’s the baby’s most delicate part… The puppy doesn’t know, but the parents should know better! Unless they do know better and they know I’m too paranoid 😀


  2. Hi! I’m coming to you via Leigh Kramer’s place and I’m totally intimidated by all the cool videos you have posted, which in turn has got me inking that I ought to start a YouTube channel, which would involve me knowing what to video blog about, and getting a camera and….

    I digress! Anyway – I love love love Italy – we were there last year on holiday and I just gobbled up Florence and Lucca and I love the Italian language. So beautiful. And opera! And gelato!! I’m waving hello to you from there. (I live in the UK, where it’s not remotely hot. Ever).


    1. I was just making fun of my Italian friend who somehow got sunburnt in the UK a couple of days ago!
      If you do start a Youtube channel, don’t forget to let me know! 🙂
      Un abbraccio!


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