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I Need to Get Away.

I need to get away. Away from this house. Away from university. Away from people. Away from stomach aches. Away from Italy. Away, far away.

But what do I want to reach? Independence. My boyfriend. Creativity. Positivity. Love. Work. Brain activity. Real life. Myself.

Why am I still here? To finish university.

Am I doing it? No.

What am I doing? Trying to study with no success at all. Freaking out. Standing useless arguments.

Is it still worth it?

Am I happy?

Is this life? 

What do you think the need to get away means? What do you do when you feel it? Do you ignore your needs or do you listen to your mind, body and soul?

Does getting away mean taking the easy path and escaping from the hardships of life, or does it mean being brave and running towards real and meaningful life?

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9 thoughts on “I Need to Get Away.

  1. I think getting away means getting far from what’s holding you back (in my case, my anxiety). We have to continue to work hard in order to get through our issues. We need to get through them instead of run away from them. I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time. I’m here for you.


    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me! What if I’m so stuck and I can’t study because my inner self is screaming to me to physically go away, that I have had enough of this situation? What do you think I should do?
      Sure, I’m only missing three exams to graduate, but I’m not taking any of them because I can’t study… Is it still worth it to stay here and go mad? Or should I go away and finish university later?


      1. I think it all depends. I think you should take some time and relax and then think about it once you clear your head. Maybe think of it this way: try to tell yourself that if you can’t handle it, you can always take some time off and finish later. However, at the same time, realize that maybe you just need to work through this. Maybe you can speak to your professors and tell them what’s going on…? They may have some suggestions! I wish you all the best!

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  2. You are still very young I would take a break from school. Take as much as time as you need. It took me 7 years to graduate. With two Bipolar relapses that were very bad I had to take a year off from 06-07 and a year off in 10-11. When I went back I took a reduced load in part time and finished. I think you know what is best for your health. Though I was 28 pushing the big 3-0 when I graduated my feet still went across the finish line. Sometimes people with mental illness to take breaks, I would take a break and enjoy life and get well before you go back.

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  3. First of all, that’s a VERY GOOD picture! Second and last i think the questions to think about it, should be on a easier place to be seen, they are good, make people think.

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