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Invisible Illness is Invisible.

After weeks of pain in my belly, burning sensations in my stomach and now also swollen tonsils, my physical and psychological strength is starting to fail me. Apart from the swollen tonsils, my disorders are all invisible. I feel ill, I don’t why, and nobody can see it. Sometimes I get the feeling that people around me think I’m exaggerating. Last Friday I had some blood drawn for the food-intolerance test, but the results won’t be ready until the 3rd of August. If nothing comes out of that test, I’m still short of a way to cure myself. I don’t even know how to alleviate the symptoms anymore.

In the last days I have hardly been able to get up from my bed. Eating hurts my throat and my stomach. I have no air conditioner at home, and the heat is unbearable – especially when I am already so weak.

My friend Bianca and her boyfriend invited me to reach them in the south of Italy some days before Sara’s wedding, so we can spend more time together and maybe even spend some time at the beach.

This invitation came as a blessing for me. My town is deserted in August (summer holidays), and none of my friends are going to be here. As I said, the temperature and the humidity are just too much. Moreover, being ill all the time is starting to make me feel kind of lonely. I’m so grateful they invited me to stay with them.

I must drink plenty of water to keep myself as healthy as possible in these days, cause I’m really collapsing here.

Is it summer or winter where you are? How do you cope with extreme temperatures? Do they affect your levels of anxiety?

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If you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or any other kind of mental disorder, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Contact me in private for advice or warm virtual hug, and seek a psychologist’s professional help! Remember, we are all in this together!


7 thoughts on “Invisible Illness is Invisible.

  1. I am sorry to hear you are unwell. I have Celiacs Disease so I know what it is like to have these kind of problems and being sick for a long time until getting the Diagnosis. The Stress and Anxiety of it all on top of the Physical pain is a lot so my heart goes out to you and I hope you get a Diagnosis soon and feel better soon. I can’t stand The New England Cold Winter and Snow so isolating and bad for me mentally and physically. I get Manic in Summer and Spring but I feel better then. Love warm weather.

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      1. glad to hear i have a great ac in my room it is nice and cold in there. there have been some real hot days recently but i just stay near the ac when my pc is and write my short stories


          1. I would switch with you but we don’t live close enough for me to do that. I am writing a story, watching a basketball game right now. I am almost 65 percent of the way to 1000 stories. I am having a pretty good summer. How is your summer going?


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