Oops, I did it Again.

I just found this picture on Twitter, and remembered of something I wish I hadn’t remembered.

CCO8BUtVEAEB5VH.jpg-largeYesterday I gave in to the unfortunate temptation of a nap. I was on the bed, I had done nothing all day (no, I’m not proud of it, I’m just being honest), and it just felt so comfortable… Just twenty minutes wouldn’t hurt… Then I would blog and make dinner… Come on, Conscience, piss off…

And that’s when the words started sliding off my head, following one another in a perfect order. I saw that armonious line flying higher and higher, but I thought “It’s ok, I’ll remember this later, I’m just going to make my mind fresher with this twenty-minute nap and then write the hell out of them…”

MISTAKE!!! When will I learn this? I will not remember them later. Never. It just doesn’t work that way. I have to catch them immediately, by their tail, and write them down before they completely slip away from my hands. Seriously, how many times do I have to make this mistake again?

Of course, not only I couldn’t remember them, but I woke up dumber than before after… no, not twenty minutes. Two hours. And of course, at 2am last night I was already awake and couldn’t sleep properly for the rest of the night. Yesterday, I was definitely not in my Hurricane element.

Since I’m here, though, I want to give you a piece of advice. If you are not involved with any TV series yet, DON’T START. If you are already involved with one, finish it and DON’T START ANOTHER ONE.

Seriously TV series were created to sabotage productivity, creativity and all the good stuff our brain can produce. Once you start, you can’t stop, you’re addicted. And if you are so naive as to think at least you can take a break between one season and the next one… WRONG. You can’t take a break because the episode of every season will leave you so astonished and hungry for more that you HAVE TO watch the first episode of the next season, and thus the cycle continues.

And it’s not so much TV series. I remember when I used to watch 90210 on the TV at 3pm, after school. I did spend the rest of the afternoon wondering what might happen next, but I couldn’t know it until the next day, so I had no choice but studying at some point. ( Yes, I could also read books, don’t get me started on that, but that’s another story, and at least I couldn’t spend a whole day watching the TV, right?)

Then the online streaming came along, and my life was ruined. Forever.


11 thoughts on “Oops, I did it Again.

  1. We have the same thing! Not only in naps but also on random circumstances. My friends call it “the introvert gig” when you talk to yourself or your mind does the talking and then you thought you will remember what your mind says. but it’s totally a mistake. I like to have this kind of machine, Seriously.

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  2. Can so relate to it! I definitely need that machine.. U wake up and those magical words.. you just so know it..they are never coming back..Sigh!

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      1. But why can’t you quit ? Is it like an addiction to series? And what makes you so hooked? If I eat chocolate I can’t quit but that’s because I am an addict of sugar. And it stimulates the dopamine in the brain. I don’t see how watching series would do that. Is it an issue that u get hooked on series?


        1. Well, I usually watch tv series about every day life (Friends, Scrubs, HIMYM…) because they make me feel comfortable and they make me escape my every day life… Something like that.


  3. I hate getting good ideas for stories, etc. and not writing it down right away while I’m sleeping or napping! I, too, think it would be great to invent the invention that’s in the cartoon. I love that drawing! Anyway, I have the same problem with starting TV series, it’s like the potato chip problem!


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