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Travel? Travel Blog? Blog?

Where have I been? Hm, let’s see. Do you remember those beautiful words from Elizabeth Gilbert I shared, about showing up for my part of the job even when the creative genius is not running through me? And do you remember how I said that I just have to write, and whether you like it or not is kind of your problem? Well, I guess I kind of forgot of that one, didn’t I?

I started thinking I was just writing about my daily life, and who cares about my daily life? I’ll just write when I have something relevant to say, but then nothing seemed relevant enough to be written, and several days of silence followed.

I have already wrote about this little blog crisis of mine. I’m still trying to figure out how to solve it. Where is the limit between the interesting musings of my mind and the empty thoughts of somebody who has nothing to say? Where is the limit between what I should write and what I shouldn’t? And where is the limit between what you might want to read and what you wouldn’t? I’ve said already that my part of the job is to write, and if you don’t like it that’s your business, but I’m so altruist (read “crazily insecure”) that I still worry so very much about your taste.

Tomorrow I’ll leave for Natal with my boyfriend. We will spend ten days there, and apparently it’s a very beautiful place. I don’t know anything about it. I usually gather some info about the places I’m visiting before leaving, but this case was an exception: I wasn’t supposed to know where we were going, it had to be a surprise. My boyfriend’s cousin, though, asked him where we were traveling too, and he distractedly answered, forgetting I was there and listening. When he realized I had understood (even though they were speaking Portuguese) and there was no way to recover for him, he made me promise I wouldn’t google anything, so… I have no idea where we are going, just that it is a very warm and sunny place (warmer and sunnier than Rio de Janeiro) and that the sea there is amazing. And that we are going to have to wake up at 4am to get our flight – yes, I said 4am.

Anyway, I was thinking about our travel and my blog and I said to myself that if I could travel more often I would definitely have a travel blog parallel to this one. Then I realized I do travel a lot, Italy/Brazil, but I’m not really visiting as a tourist… It’s more like I live here. Plus, taking out your camera or phone to take a picture is not really the smartest thing you can do in Rio de Janeiro, and you won’t probably be able to do it twice. Have you ever thought of visiting the town you live in as tourists? I think it’s something everybody should try, but few people actually do.

You would think I have a point, wouldn’t you? Well, I don’t. But I do wish I had a travel blog.


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