Why Am I Here Again?

Yet another blog crisis. This might recall my very early posts, but that’s the feeling. I didn’t get my dose of self-esteem for breakfast today…

There was a point where I felt I was doing a good job here with my blog. I thought I was writing well, I had something to say, I was working on my graphics and it looked nice, and my stats where a little big higher.

Lately, instead, I have started thinking. I’m writing a lot about myself and my days, but I don’t remember why anymore. I mean, I like writing for the sake of writing, I didn’t open this blog to talk about books or food or whatever. It doesn’t matter so much what I talk about. I just wanted a space of mine.

I don’t feel satisfied with what I’m doing anymore, though. What am I really doing after all? Who cares if I have the cough in Brazil? I don’t want this blog to be a journal, which, ok, is clearly not, but still. When I read blogs I really like, I always wonder “Why can’t my blog look like that? How can I reach that number of followers? Where does he/she find all those interesting things to say?”.

I’m starting to fear that my head is too empty to find something to talk about, my brain is too slow to elaborate it and make it interesting and my writing is just not good enough.

And honestly, I don’t want anybody to suggest topics to me. That’s not the point – or maybe it is, I’m confused. I know I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself over this – it’s just a blog, I’m writing for myself, etc. But the truth is I can’t stop judging myself.



11 thoughts on “Why Am I Here Again?

  1. Well I really enjoy your ramblings about your day. It’s just an opportunity for me to be a bit nosy into someone else life. Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep reading at least 🙂

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  2. I enjoy your blog as well. I’m sure we all go through this as bloggers at some point for me it’s a bit more frequent, but I’m sore something will ring that alarm and you’ll have what you want in no time.


  3. I started my blog last December. I thought I had some great ideas, and I still do believe that. I committed to writing my Friday Feature, and so far so good. Initially, I just blogged stories that I’d kept in a box that never got published, and they’ve been the most read and commented on. Now since I’ve used up past writings, I have to write new stuff to keep the momentum going, and keep followers returning. I spend every evening reading what the bloggers I follow have to say in hopes of jogging my brain into creativity. My whole point of telling you this is to let you know we all have times when we don’t feel creative or wonder if someone is listening, well dear, I’m listening and I encourage you to continue. 😀


  4. I feel the same way, and I have the same thoughts, but ultimately it has to be fun. While I’m creating my posts, I’m having a blast regardless of what the content is, or who will see it. I totally agree with wanting to step it up too, but I think that it can’t be rushed (how I see it personally). The longer we have our blogs, the more we learn, the better our blog is to our liking. Right now while I’m posting about whatever comes to mind, I’m reading any and every article I come across with blogging tips to gain more understanding about it all. I wish you good luck with your blog! 🙂


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