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When I have problems or when I’m feeling down, I need to talk about it. Letting it out helps me make my chest lighter. Moreover, by talking I always get to new perspectives and/or new solutions, and I end up feeling relieved, at least partially.

I noticed, though, as my mom used to warn me, people tend to run away if I tell them about my problems. They don’t want to stay there listening to me whining – I actually started thinking about this because of what happened with two of my best friends: I met one and told her of how bad I’ve been feeling lately and she hadn’t texted or called me since; I texted the other one that I have a slight depression going on after she’d asked me if everything was fine, she didn’t even texted me back (it’s been days now).

Then I talked about this to my boyfriend. Ok, they get tired of my problems, I understand that. But what about them? Doesn’t anybody need o talk about their own problems?

Apparently not, because, according to my boyfriend’s theory, people have “escapes”. Somebody eats when anxious, somebody runs, somebody smokes, somebody screams, somebody drinks. I understand that, I used to eat like a pregnant cow. But why?

I stopped the nervous eating at some point, when I realized talking was healthier. Why don’t other people do the same? Why don’t other people want to do the same? Or maybe the question should be: Why don’t I find an escape? Why do I still want to talk?


To be continued.


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