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Happy Goat Year and Ten Days to Go!

I was almost going to bed without posting anything, when I realized what a special day today is! Today, the 19th of February 2015, is the start of a new Chinese Goat Year! And guess when I was born? On the 28th of March 1991, another Goat Year! You see where I am going, right? This is my year!!!

For who is not familiar with this tradition, it’s based on cycles of lunar years. An animal is assigned to each year, and a cycle is made of twelve animals/lunar years. To each animal a particular kind of personality is attributed.

After finding this out, I noticed it was possible to discover your most compatible mate. In fact, according to Chinese tradition, some animals are more suitable for each other, while others are not. I don’t even have to tell you the next thing I looked for, right?

Well, my boyfriend was born in a Rabbit Year, and apparently Goats and Rabbits are most compatible mates!!!

I’m so happy I received this encouragement today. This is going to be my year, and even in hard times I can feel a wind of change. Let’s see together where this wind will take me!

If you are curious of knowing what’s your animal and what’s your most suitable match, check this link out!

Happy New Chinese Year to all my beloved readers!!!

P.s. Ten days left to my departure!


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