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No Blog is an Island – a.k.a. Housekeeping.

A bit of housekeeping today!

If you want to know what this blog is about and how it started, take a look at my About page. I’ve been around for almost two months now, so I hope you can find something you enjoy among the stuff I’ve written so far. If you like what you read, you might want to follow me by email – the “Follow the Hurricane by email” button is on your right. Just write your email address there and receive a notification when I post some new… BOH!

You can follow me on Twitter, where I also post a link to my BOHs when publishing them here and basically prattle around, at: (the link is on your right, too).

You can follow me on Instagram, where I post some pictures from my blog and some pictures from the rest of my life, at: (again, you can find the link on your right, too).

I’m not really a Facebook lover (I’m actually a Facebook hater), but I admit I had to create a new account for myself recently – after deleting mine about a year ago – to keep some contacts around the world. Since I write here anonimously, though, I’ll wait a bit longer to post the link to my profile. I thought about opening a Facebook page dedicated to my blog, but being a Facebook hater I’ve been putting it off. I’ll wait for the LinkedIn profile too – just because of the anonymity issue, I don’t hate that one.HEADER22

I hope you’ll stick around!

Peace and Love!


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