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Stressed? Healthy!

If you, like me, have any stress-related problems, you’re gonna love this TedTalk. How revolutionary is it to realize that your attitude toward stress can actually change your health and life expectations? And how beautiful is it to see how good social interactions can do to us?

I’ve been struggling to distinguish my “positive” anxiety from my “negative” one – don’t ask for definitions or explanations, ’cause I don’t have any. Let’s just say that panic attacks are bad, but the anxiety before an exam can be useful to keep me focused. Now I even found out that seeing this anxiety (I don’t know if both or only the positive only, honestly, but I believe both) as a physiological and positive reaction of my body can really make my life healthier, not just psychologically, but also physically.

After all, my panic attacks are nothing but a way that my body uses to express itself – to express fear, discomfort, anger, pain… So instead of hating them, I can just appreciate them as signals and learn from them. Cronic panic attacks can actually damage my health, ok, but if I understand that they are signals and I cure myself, I will have interpreted them in a way that keeps me healthier, and once cured, I will have made myself even healthier.

Moreover, let’s talk about asking for help. I’m always concerned, if I ask for help, that I will be bothering somebody else, and that it means that I’m not good enough to make it on my own. Well, apparently, by asking for help I create a social interaction, which is healthy; and by helping me, the other person creates a social interaction, which is healthy. So, anxious people, when we ask for help, everybody wins!

I have been reflecting about these topics for a while, I’ve learnt to love my whole self, panic attacks included, but watching this TedTalk gave a more concrete explanation to my work. For more scientific explanations, please watch the video. I’m really bad at that, but this woman is awesome!


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