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Me Vs. Technology.

Ok, after about three hours of going crazy in the attempt to personalize my blog, create header pictures, try different backgrounds and activating a hundred themes, I give up. I’ve gotten neurotic and irritable. I can’t even figure out what I do and what I don’t like anymore. I must stop.

I can’t create a header image without making the blog look like a five-year-old kid’s collage. I can’t select a background without making the cute default header disappear. I can’t change the title and tagline’s font into something prettier without paying for a premium account.

Technology and I have never been great friends – computers and mobile phones even break in my hands so that my dad can tell me I wreck everything. I am not doing anything, they just stop working while I’m using them (or simply touching them, or looking at them). Tonight, the world of web design (the simplified one, you know, with no text language) won. I wearily wave my white flag.

I changed theme, though. No header image, no background. Only widgets. Very simple.

Blogging101, this was a tough challenge you threw down to us. I hope to deal with the remaining ones without sweating so much.



10 thoughts on “Me Vs. Technology.

  1. Well, if you’ve visited my blog you’ll hear your/my words echoing this sentiment almost exactly. I’m not giving up, per se, but taking a techno break. I prefer the reading\writing part better…I mean, that’s why we’re all hear, right? The tech stuff is just glitter…you can add it later.

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  2. Hey @ItalianHurricane, I think your blog looks great! Your header came out fine and the graphics at the top complement it. Don’t beat yourself up. Go with the basics, get a foundation down, build from there. You’ll get it and it will all of a sudden, CLICK! Oh, and your post for today was pretty awesome, too!
    Cheers my friend!


  3. We have the same feeling, too! Sometimes I have to give up because I can’t take the pressure anymore regarding on personalizing my blog to make it look prettier. Anyways, your blogs fine and I love it! 😀 Hope you’ll visit mine. I really want to make friends with you.


  4. This was really draining and frustrating to me too, I wasn’t so familiar with WordPress at first. I was hoping I could use HTML, but was lost when I found out I couldn’t. I decided to go with a simple theme, and to create a picture the proper size of the theme header (using another program), so that I could use the font and images I wanted. Luckily the theme and design aren’t permanent. 🙂
    By the way, your blog looks great as it is!


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