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My Dream Reader?

The fourth assignment from the Blogging101 course is to write a post for my dream reader. I don’t know if I should address myself to him/her or just think about him/her while I’m writing, or maybe say why he/she is my dream reader. Let’s see.

As I have already said, I started writing for myself, to start pursuing my dream of writing, get some feedback and learn to accept it, whether positive or negative.Then I got amazed after finding out that somebody actually chose to follow my blog, it means they must have liked what they had read. I started loving these readers, my beloved readers, and I started addressing myself to them. My dream readers are all those readers that are still not reading what I write. I want to hear their opinion, too.

My dream reader is also my boyfriend, the first person that I know in real life that I let read my writings. The person who believes in me and encouraged me to start this blog. My number-one fan. The person who believes that one day I’ll make my dream come true and become a writer. I hope he will keep on liking what I do and supporting me. I’ll never stop thanking him.

Of course, I also dream that somebody will notice my blog and how divinely I write and give me a career. If you ask me to make a name, I’ve kind of hoped that Elizabeth Gilbert would notice me. I see her like my mentor and motivator, and I wish she could see what she has done to me. She helped me find courage and strength when I didn’t know where to look for them. She gave me a little push to get to know myself and start living my life. She inspires me to be a better person every day. I even tried to tweet her and send her messages on Instagram and Facebook, so that she would maybe notice my blog.


Now you’ll think I’m crazy and lame, but really, why would I be? I’m not a published writer (yet) and I’m just a 23-year-old girl with almost no writing background, writing in a language that is not even her mothertongue, but I’m still a person worth of a bit of attention (and maybe some sort of help) from some other person, right? Maybe she will never notice me, and that would be fine, but I’m done being ashamed of trying… It’s always worth trying, don’t you think? This is my dream, and I’ll try anything to make it come true.

Finally, I’m my own dream reader. I want to read what I wrote and like it, forgetting all the embarrassment and the shame and the fear it’s not good enough. I want to give myself a break. I want to appreciate what I do. I want to give myself credit. Actually, I think everybody deserves an applause for some reason, so… I want to applaud myself. Clap clap clap!

In conclusion, I love all my beloved readers and dream readers… including me. Including YOU!


12 thoughts on “My Dream Reader?

  1. I like that you put Elizabeth G.’s picture there, it makes it real. Love that you applaud yourself, and if English is not your mother tongue I wouldn’t have known it, you do very well with it and use it beautifully.


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