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Nice to Meet You (Again)!

Hey folks! How are you doing?

Today I decided to talk about who I am and why I’m here. Firstly, I will redirect you to my first post, which I think answers the question pretty well even though it’s been written at midnight by a sleepy and impetuous me. However, I’m going to add something to that. I’m going to “update” that post now with my thoughts after a couple of weeks of blogging.

First of all, I realize my blog might look like a journal sometimes, but it’s not. I’m not just keeping score of events here; I’m trying  to tell you a story. Several stories, probably. The story of my panic attacks; the story of my boyfriend and I; the story of my daily life; the story of my thoughts… Sometimes I try to advise you, sharing with you thoughts that I think might improve your life somehow; sometimes I just give vent to my feelings; sometimes I just publish my opinions without asking myself why on earth you would care about them; sometimes I try to make you aware of things that you might not see, but that might help you or somebody close to you; etc.

The other reason, maybe the main one, why I’m writing publicly is that I want to be a writer (wow, it’s very liberating and refreshing to actually say it aloud, or write it to everybody, finally… I’ll do this more often!). I’ve been dreaming of it since I was little and wrote my first assignments in primary school, but my parents have always told me to “keep my feet on the ground“. I would love to get some feedback here – even the negative kind… I want to improve and I believe any comment can help me!

Even introducing myself for the second time, I wouldn’t add topics that I’m going to write about, mainly because I don’t have the faintest idea (the subtitle of my blog was not so randomly chosen). You can understand this from my first post, but I guess it’s also evident from the variety of posts I have written so far.

I’m still not setting any goals for my blog. The fact of starting it for me is already a huge accomplishment.


Follow the Hurricane and stay tuned! Love you all!


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