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Live NOW!

It’s weird how I often get to the computer not knowing what I’m going to write about and then words just pour out of me. Today I ran into a post from a blog I follow (Kindness blog, a very cute blog that will manage to touch you even in your darkest days) and I think it’s really worth talking about.

Brittany Maynard is 29 years old with only 24 days left to live. On November 1st, Brittany plans to die.

This girl found out that she only had a few months to live and she decided to make her best of it, traveling and spending time with the people she loved. There is much more than this in the story, but I want to focus on this part for now.

Brittany left us a touching video with a beautiful message. She wants all of us to enjoy our life, to find out what we really want and pursue it, to find the time for the people whom we really love. Before dying, she wanted to visit all these places she had never seen. I think everybody has a list of things (even if it’s not written down) that they want to do in life. But why is it that most people get old without even trying to actually fulfill their dreams?

I’m pretty sure that most people have already read or heard a similar story with the same message. They probably felt very inspired and focused on amazing plans for the future for a couple of days. But I bet they then went back to their normal life, forgetting about their resolutions, about seizing the moment, about doing what they really want. They went back to a life that is not the one they wanted. They forgot of all the things they wanted to change. Why does this happen? Why do we have to find ourselves in the situation of being close to our end to actually live our lives?

I hope I won’t stop writing and I’ll not give up on all the things I want from my life. I’m scared every day that I’ll forget about this and just adapt to a life that is not the one I want now. I want to choose what I want over what other people want me to do. Each one of us makes this choice everyday. If you have always chosen what other people want you to do, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose what you want today. And if you have always chosen what you want, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose what other people want you to do today. We make our choice every day.

Just stop waiting until tomorrow. Tomorrow is always tomorrow, and life passes by, today. Live it. Do it today, do it now. I’m not telling you to leave everything, job, family, house, to follow a dream, penniless and homeless. That’s not how it works. But start changing what you don’t like in the direction of what you want, little by little. For me, for example, this meant opening this blog. I didn’t drop university, my family and my life in Italy, but I started writing. A little step at a time. And one year and a half ago, I made the choice to make this long-distance relationship work, without any support from my family, because that was what I really wanted. I refused to do what everybody was telling me to do, and I went my own way – and trust me, with parents that at twenty-two years old still tell you when to come home, it’s not as easy as it might seem.

Pursuing your dream doesn’t mean writing it down in your journal and leaving it there. It means doing a little something to make it happen, every day, every time you have a choice. And most of the time, even if it’s hard to see, even if it’s hard to take, you do have a choice.


“Make sure you’re not missing out, seize the day. What do you care about? What matters? Pursue that, forget the rest.” Brittany Maynard


2 thoughts on “Live NOW!

  1. Wow… What a beautiful message !!! I really enjoyed it ! If we only live once, we have to live our dreams now. Sometimes it seems to be difficult, but we only be able to achieve something (whatever it is!) if we try. So, like Bon Jovi sings “It’s my life, It’s now or never, I aint’t gonna live forever, I just want to live when I’m alive !”
    Let’s make our dreams come true !!!


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