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Hand gliding.

I really wish I could tell you about my hand gliding this afternoon… But I can’t. It was too expensive and I had to give it up. But don’t worry, I’m going to save money and do it next year (which is so close!). So I’ll start telling you how great my days with no phone or Internet were.

We left on the 24th December to go to my boyfriend’s grandparents’ farm. It’s a lovely idyllic place in the middle of nowhere – as I said, there is no phone network or Internet. After arriving I forgot my phone in the car, and didn’t even look for it until the late afternoon on the next day, when we went back home, which means that not only I didn’t use it to call or text anybody because that was impossible, but I didn’t even play or wasted any time with it. Unexpectedly enough, I didn’t even miss it! I did miss the computer, though, to post on the blog, but I had my notebook with me, and for only two days that was enough. I think everybody would benefit from a couple of technology-detoxifying days.

The Farm.

About today: My boyfriend and I went hiking to Pedra Bonita (Rio de Janeiro). I’m very glad we did it, because it made us realize how out of shape we are. We urgently need to exercise. After going back, my boyfriend told me it only took fifteen minutes to go up, but I swear to me it felt like four hours. Once on the top of the mountain, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, they were so weak and shaky. The view is totally worth it anyway. Plus, on the top it’s windy! You can’t imagine what a relief – my face was redder than ever and my sweat was about to provoke a flood downstream.

Climbing down was harder than climbing up. I had to struggle to keep myself from just rolling down and an old man actually overtook us and left us far behind. Moreover, the shoes I was wearing were kind of small for my clown feet, so my toes were really suffering. When I took off my shoes later, they were all red and skinned. When I finally heard the voices of the people in the parking lot I couldn’t believe it.

But even though I could hardly stand on my feet, I hadn’t had enough yet. I saw a lot of people hand gliding, and I wanted to do it too. Yes, I’m still the girl with panic attacks. But that’s exactly why I wanted to do it! It would have made me look so cool to the face of anxiety! Unfortunately, right now I can’t afford an expense of 400 reais for thirty minutes of flying, but as I said, I’m ready to go back there with money in my pocket.



I guess that’s all for now… Follow me and stay tuned!

p.s. I’m updating the previous post with pics!


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