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Merry Christmas by the Grinch!

Hello everybody! Happy Christmas Eve!

I don’t have much time to write, but I’ll try to do it now while my boyfriend is sleeping & snoring. I have had some busy days. My boyfriend is always working, so since this week he is on holiday (Christmas miracle), we used these days to do a lot of the things that we hadn’t had the time to do before – buying Christmas presents, going to the MBA house to get some information about his master preparation, going to his work place to get the presents he had forgotten there…

I just called my family in Italy and prepared a tiramisù that I had promised to one my boyfriend’s cousins and later we will join the rest of the family at his grandparents’ farm until tomorrow night. The place is wonderful, but there are no Internet or mobile network and sometimes I feel a bit lost… But I guess it can’t hurt to take a break from the technology addiction.

I wanted to write some reflections about Christmas. I always play the part of the Grinch, but I’m making my peace with it. I have two different points of view, because I want to be open-minded and understand some of the people who feel different from me (but not all of them).

The first point of view is really my point of view. I don’t believe in God. This said, why should I celebrate Christmas? I mean, why would I celebrate something or somebody whom I don’t believe in? As we all know, Christmas is not about that anymore for most people. Christmas nowadays is the festival of presents. People are obliged to make presents if they don’t want to lose friends. People who know I don’t believe in God still expect a present from me.

I like getting presents for people I love, little things, little treats. But I prefer to do it when I feel like doing it, when I find something that would be perfect for somebody, on any day of the year… Not on a day where I’m supposed to do it, so I end up spending money for something useless and maybe expensive just for the sake of showing up with a present! It’s not about being stingy, it’s about making a very nice and appropriate present when you find it, instead of wasting your money just because you have to do it on a certain day. I prefer to save money to get my friends and family some very good gift when I happen to find it.

I know, Christmas is a nice occasion to show love. But what about the rest of the year? Plus, if the point is spreading love, isn’t it better to give the money to a charity or to produce some nice thoughts towards the world, rather than getting unnecessary gifts to our friends who probably already have all that they need?

The second point of view is from the open part of my mind. I’m not religious, but I want to respect who wants to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. For who believes in him, it’s a very significant day. But why the presents? Again, why don’t we follow what I think the Bible teaches us, to help who is in need, financially or psychologically, in whatever way we can afford? That sounds more like a Christian Christmas to me. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

I’m human anyway, and I like to make the people I love smile, so I get Christmas gifts too, for the people who I know that care about it – my mom (for everything that she does for me), my grandma (for all her understanding and sweetness), my boyfriend’s family (for practically adopting me as a third daughter)…

To try to stay true to my values, though, I like buying and possibly receiving presents from small local business or self-employed people, in order to help individual people to have a better Christmas instead of giving more money to multinational companies. I should have shared this before, probably… I’ll do better next year.

Now that I shared my thoughts, I’ll add that my boyfriend this morning totally surprised me. We had decided not to buy gifts to each other for Christmas this year, since none of us believes in it and we are short on money. Today he told me we had to meet a woman from whom he had bought a Christmas present for his grandma. After he paid the woman and got the bag, he turned to me and wished me a merry Christmas with a big smile. It took me some seconds to realize that the present was actually for me. And it was the best present I have ever received in my whole life.

He got me a handmade lined box which contained a lined notebook. I hope you got to know me enough to understand how great and meaningful a gift this is to me. Do I have the best boyfriend or what??!



Merry Christmas, my beloved readers!


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