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My Hair!

Here I am, folks! My week-end was amazing. Búzios is a beautiful place, and every time I go there I like it more. I’m not very fond of touristic places (those places where you can hardly find somebody who actually lives there and is not just on holiday), but those beaches, and the sea which is warm enough to touch the water (unlike in Rio), and the restaurants (I love ethnic food and there you can find anything you want, Arabic, Indian, Italian*, Chinese…)… wow! On Saturday night I ate the best burrito of my life in a Mexican restaurant, for example.

The hotel where we stayed was just awesome. It was very simple, but very cute. A couple of plants at the entrance, a pastel-purple wall on your right, a nice room with a glass-wall for breakfast and tea-time (yes, they served tea in the evening! Have I ever mentioned how much I love tea? I really miss it since here in Rio the weather is too hot to drink it; but there, with air conditioner, with the late-afternoon sun shining in… I loved it!), well-decorated rooms with pastel-green and white walls, a mini fridge, air conditioner, big shower…

Yesterday morning, after checking out from the hotel, we decided to drive home directly, in order to avoid traffic (it took us four hours to get there). Then, while already driving, we noticed a beach on our right, and you know how these things go, don’t you? It turned out to be the best beach we have been at in these days.

I think one of the highlights of the week-end though, was definitely my new hairdo. I have always wanted little afro-braids on my head, but my parents have always only allowed me to get those coloured braids, one at a time, in the summer. Well, on Saturday night I stopped at a stand where a woman made hairdos, and I got a beautiful colored braid and three lateral afro-braids… For the colored braid I chose colors that go with a dress I bought with a friend on Friday morning, before leaving; it’s a very colored dress which reaches my feet ranging from blue to purple to green to orange and again blue. I’ll probably never wear it, but I just fell in love with it at first sight… and it was cheap!

How was your week-end?

IMG_2730 IMG_2728

*I feel obliged to specify that what you find in Italian restaurants in Brazil is often not so Italian, but that does not mean it doesn’t taste good!


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