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Today I had a relaxed and peaceful day – except for the annoying voice that kept on bothering me reminding me that I should have been studying. If you asked me what I did today, apart from going to the beautician to get ready for my beach week-end, I couldn’t honestly answer. Or maybe I wouldn’t want to answer, ’cause the embarrassing-but-true answer would be: NOTHING. I really wanted to write, but I didn’t know what to write about, then I gave up. But now I was thinking about it, and I hated to think that I was already giving way to laziness or whatever it is, so here I am. Still not knowing what to write about, but at least I’m here.

You must know, I’m very very VERY scared of bugs. As we say in Italy, I could “shit in my hand out of fear” (literal translation for “cagarsi in mano dalla paura”). It’s not the most elegant expression, but you got the idea. Now, I was sitting on the bed with the laptop. I was writing the second or the third sentence of this post, when my boyfriend’s eyes suddenly fixed wide open on a spot on the wall behind me. Feeling the blood freeze in my veins, I slowly turned my head to face the wall and I saw it. Holding my breath, with the smoothest movements I could make (I’m not really such a graceful person), I got off the bed and hid behind the door. My boyfriend was as scared as me, but he managed to take one of my flip-flops and… let’s just say, he took care of it. (I feel so guilty I can’t even write it, but scared as I was I didn’t see any alternative! I’m getting better, though: two days ago I saw a spider in the bathroom, but I just brushed my teeth and get out, without screaming or killing or anything).

You might be wondering what it was. It was a huge ugly evil brown scary cockroach. Cockroaches in Brazil are not as cockroaches in Italy. They are bigger. They are faster. They are braver. Once my boyfriend and I were in the parking lot of the mall, walking towards the car. At some point we noticed a cockroach advancing in the same direction. You would think it would go a different way rather than getting any closer to the giant walking humans; well, you are wrong. I started running towards the car, I screamed at my boyfriend to run too, while the cockroach was trying to reach us. We had to get into that car and close the doors before it could get in. We desperately ran, faster and faster, it ran too, my boyfriend opened the car, we jumped in and pulled the doors closed immediately behind us. It remained out. We made it.

See, I didn’t know what to write, and here you have your little horror story before bedtime. They say when you really want something, the Universe will help you get it. Well, I really wanted to write, so I guess the Universe put that cockroach there to fulfill my wish. Maybe I should be more careful about what I ask for…

I was going to give this post a peaceful title, you know, while I was still writing the first sentences… Then I changed my mind, well, I’m sure you can understand why.


Were you afraid I would put the picture of a cockroach?! Come on, I would never do that to you! Instead, I chose this more sleep-inducing picture… Yeah, you got me, I love elephants! Sleep tight, my dear readers!


4 thoughts on “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  1. Ha! I have a friend who spent a semester in Brazil, she mentioned the insect life was…erm. Valorous. As well as huge. We’ve got some pretty big ones where I live too, but they aren’t full-fledged B movie monsters.

    Hope you got to sleep all right after that. 😛


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