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The Broken Glass Ceiling.

I finally just had the time to watch the video of Shonda Rhimes’s speech at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Breakfast, where she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, which recognizes a woman who is a leader in her industry. I read a lot of articles about this speech in these days, on blogs, on the news, on magazines… Now I know why.

Honestly, I was so impressed already by the articles I had read, that I watched the video with the intention of writing some of my thoughts about it. Then I watched it, and my predominant thought was “Gosh, this speech is really great. Who am I to write my opinions about it?”. After a couple of minutes I realized: Ok, this woman just made an awesome speech about how other amazing and brave women “broke the glass ceiling” for us and gave us the power to be where we are and to do what we do now, and once again I am standing in my own way? They gave me a chance and I am taking it away from myself? Maybe preventing myself from writing this article would be much more arrogant than writing it. So here I am.

The speech actually speaks for itself. It’s enlightening and motivating, I don’t have so much to add, but it had such a good effect on me that I had to share it with who hasn’t heard it yet. Many and many women before us fought hard to get us here. They were great women who made us a huge gift. But sometimes we think that we – with our fears and doubts – are more important than them, ’cause we think we have the right to throw this gift away. Isn’t it amazing how pretentious we actually are when we think we are being humble and give way to insecurity?

Just because of what these women did for us we should feel obliged to try to do what we really want to do, to be what we really want to be. They are a great example for all of us. I hope we can all remember this when the annoying little voice in our heads tries to make us believe that it’s useless to try, because “we just can’t”. Some women hit the glass ceiling, but didn’t break it; others broke it, but only because somebody before them had cracked it. But the thing is: none of these women failed. They all contributed to something great: the final break of the glass ceiling.

After such a speech, I felt very inspired and finally took a decision about my blog’s title, and here it is. Look up!


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