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Who’s the boss?

Ok, it was very cool to open the blog and post my first article yesterday, really. Finally I felt I was moving, I was actually doing something. Plus, I spent some time choosing the theme for my blog, which is not exactly “writing”, but it was fun! Btw, does it show that I love colors?

So ok, yesterday I felt great, very proud of myself. This morning too, when hiding my face behind my hands I managed to confess to my boyfriend that I finally did it, I started the blog! (I actually did it after a lot of “Baby…nothing.” and “Baby… I love you.”) I was very shy to tell him, but it felt so good to see him smile with pride!  Who’s the boss? I’M THE BOSS!!! (It doesn’t happen every day to have to chance to use this kind of sentence, so I’m readily taking advantage of the occasion.)

But… what now? I am already short of topics! But I’m not giving up. No, I’m not. No, I’m not. No, I’m not. Not this time. I’m sure there is good material at the bottom of this head. Like when you feel inspired to do something great, but you don’t know what. You feel the energy, but you don’t know where to focus it. Well, get ready, people, ’cause something WILL arrive. I am going to dig very deep in this cute brain of mine. You might be witnesses to some great stuff. This is not over. Stay tuned.

p.s. Next big step might be finding a cool, exciting, original, powerful, awesome title for my blog! (Suggestions (very) wanted!)


2 thoughts on “Who’s the boss?

  1. My first suggestion is to use italian hurricane as it is the URL used on the website hehe. I think you could use italian cupcake or italian groceries hahaha as u like sweets and as the cowboy used to call elizabeth gilbert at the ashram.


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